Demonstration widget
of 3D product models
and configurator
on the website or by link

Available to any business from 550 ₽ per month
  • All is in the browser and without programming
  • Free demo project and consulting
  • There are only real people in the support
  • API for closer integration
  • We work from Russia
Example of a 3D configurator for a website

How does it work?

We will give clear instructions at all stages. We are in touch daily.
Upload your own 3D model to our service
We have written a guide for preparing a models for designers and working inside the service for content managers
Setting up viewing
Any employee can handle it, and if you have any questions, our support service is always in touch
Get a ready-made code to the website or a link to view
Our code can be embedded into any website in 5 minutes
Embed the code on the website or share the link
And you can also take photos and videos of your 3D models

Attract more buyers

Get inspired by our ideas for using 3D models or come up with your own
Creating a 3D configurator in the Site 3D Configurator service with the display of the result in augmented reality
An inside look
Load 3D
The explosion diagram will help you quickly and clearly show what a product or service consists of
The product is in action
Load 3D
Animation instead of a static photo will tell more about the product and attract the attention of the buyer
Interactive animation
Load 3D
Hold the user's attention with spectacular animation of 3D models controlled by the mouse wheel or swipe across the screen
Own version of the product
Load 3D
Give customers the opportunity to customize the product to their needs and requests
3D tour through models
Load 3D
Our 3D tours are made not from photos, but from 3D models, which allows you to set any viewing points and easily make any changes in the scene
Own labels on the model
Load 3D
Your clients can apply arbitrary text to various parts of the 3D model and send the result to you by link

Get results

Increase the efficiency of your business
Stand out from the competition
3D technologies will become your strong competitive advantage
Raise in the search engines
3D models increase the time spent on the website, which has a positive effect on search engine promotion
Simplify customer interaction
Give the customer the opportunity to customize the product himself and evaluate the options instead of communicating with managers
Increase sales on the website
According to a study by Svyaznoy, 3D models give an average conversion growth of 7%

Everything will work out with us

Get an effective solution to your problem
Support for popular 3D model formats
Our service allows you to upload 3D models of formats such as GLB, FBX, STL, OBJ, 3DS and others
Limitless options colors and textures
The ability to visually demonstrate the various colors of the product (at the same time, the user can try on his own image on the model)
Products are entered in the environment
Show your product with a realistic panorama, where 3D models are located on the surface, and not "hanging in the air"
3D fitting in reality
Augmented reality allows you to place goods in the real world (for example, try on furniture in your interior)
Animation with explanatory text
Helps to quickly bring key information about the product
Video reviews of the necessary options
You can create videos about your products with different colors and accessories in one click
Convenient viewing individual elements
Interactive tags help to focus on the advantages and features of your product
Replacement and opening product parts
The opportunity to see different variants of your offer
Different levels of detail
While the camera is approaching the object, you can load more product details
Cost calculation and ordering
Customers can see the price of the product depending on the selected options and send an order directly from the 3D widget
Individual design themes
Support for the unique appearance of a 3D widget for your brand

Documented API for developers

When you need to link your site's scripts to our widget

Documentation on the Site3D Configurator software interface

Test the API using the example of this 3D widget

Change the color
Upload your texture
Share a user's choice

It will be quiet with us

We are aimed at long-term cooperation
We are constantly in touch
Our support service is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00. We will help you with any questions.
Your projects are available even after the subscription ends
In this case, you will be transferred to the free tariff
Our 3D widgets are adapted to any device
Our solution is available for desktop and mobile devices
Your 3D models are protected from downloading
Users can only view models. You can also place any watermark on top of the model.

Our cases

We benefit the business. Expanding boundaries of possibilities
Interactive 3D models of stairs
What was the task?
To increase the number of applications for the manufacture of stairs from the site by 10-15% by placing 3D widgets for the most popular product items
Interactive 3D models of stairs
Photos of stairs
3D product overview from all possible angles
  • The average time spent by users on the site has increased by 42%
  • The visibility of the online store in search engines has increased by 22%
  • The number of applications from the site increased by 39% compared to May last year

Our team

Making 3D technologies available to any business
Aleksey Tkachenko
Aleksey Tkachenko
Founder and developer
Aleksey Gruzdev
Aleksey Gruzdev
3D designer

Our clients

We are trusted by companies from different business sectors


Our mission is to help businesses grow in profit
Brand manager 0+ Media
The service is very convenient to use, you can independently adjust the parameters of the 3D figurine scene without being an expert. Everything is seamlessly integrated into the site on the Tilda.
Founder of Namero Design
You have a cool tool, thank you. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. All questions were answered in detail and intelligibly.
Project «Smart stands»
The service is 10 out of 10, we actively use it in our work. We are very satisfied with the service and technical support of this service!
Real estate agency «Royal Court»
I liked the service! They worked very loyally, modernly and qualitatively. You can visually familiarize yourself at


Unlimited opportunities at anti-crisis prices
  • Storing 3D models and viewing by link
  • 3D widget for the website
  • Creating mockups
  • Exporting to png or video
  • Unlimited projects
  • Maximum model size: 20 Mb
  • 1 domain

Storage +

  • Maximum model size: 50 Mb
  • Any number of subdomains
  • Fitting in reality
  • Setting up a scene for all projects at once
Configurator Hit

Basic +

  • Maximum model size: 100 Mb
  • Creating product variants by textures, colors and configuration
  • Tags
  • Cost calculation and order form

Configurator +

  • Maximum model size: 200 Mb
  • 2 domains
  • Mass editing of up to 1000 projects
  • Priority support
  • Increase the maximum size of models by 50 Mb — 3 000 ₽ per year
  • Additional domain — 6 000 ₽ per year
  • The ability to automatically add an additional 1000 projects — 10 000 ₽ per year
Free for 10 days at the tariff «Premium»

Subscribe to our telegram channel, write to the administrator about this and get an extra 10 days on the maximum tariff.

After the end of the trial period, all your projects are saved, and you will be transferred to a free tariff, where the following restrictions will apply: no more than 5 projects, up to 1 minute of viewing, the service logo.


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Example of a widget on a website with a 3D model

Site3D Configurator — cloud service for the implementation of interactive 3D models or configurators in your business in the form of blocks on the website or links to view.

With the help of our 3D constructors, your customers will be able to change the appearance and configuration of your products directly on the website and send their choice to managers, optimizing their work.

Thanks to our API, the developers of your site will be able to more closely integrate our 3D widget with the current solutions on your site (for example, with a cost calculator, ordering and other functionality).